Prakash Silks and Sarees a leading name in the world of Sarees, was established in 1989 by Mr. K. Thulasi Sah & Mr. K. Nagoo Sah with the sole aim to fulfill the modern day women’s expectation in the field of sarees.

Since inception, We have grown by leaps and bounds and have created a niche in the market for itself. Today, we stands tall in the world of sarees of any kind.

Currently with Mr. K.T. Prakash Sah, Mr. K.N. Eshwar Sah, Mr. Ganesh Sah and K. E. Vigneshwar Sah at the helm of the affairs, their creativity is brought out in exclusive designing of the sarees. The stunning creation should be seen to be believed.

Of the various silks produced in India, our silk has acquired a legendary reputation all over India, thanks to the skill and artistry of the silk weavers. Our sarees is made of a heavy silk, so durable that it may be hand washed in water at home. A hallmark of the Kanchipuram is the bold and bright color, favored by almost every Indian woman. Our sarees will always find a place in every South Indian bride’s trousseau. And now this great tradition of Kanchipuram silk is ready to capture the hearts of the Western World. Indian silks and Kanchipuram silk in particular have been creating waves in the fashion capitals of the world and in haute couture since last decade.

Our sarees is a tradition often passed on from mother to daughter over several generations as an heirloom. Each saree is normally six yards in length and some come in nine yard lengths too, varying in width. They are a popular attire for a myriad of social occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies and even parties.

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